A downloadable game for Windows

A farming RPG set on a flooded world where only islands remain. At least, an early alpha version of it.

Refining the concept some more! I think i'm STARTING to get it but let me know what you think about it.

Your house (shipping crate) has a bed in it. Sleep in it to save your game and advance time. If it's still early in the day, it'll skip to later on, otherwise it'll skip to 6 AM the next day.

If you get stuck somewhere, press F5 to reset to where you last entered it. Shift+F5 also resets the whole game; that's the only way to get back to the main menu at the moment.


OF-Alpha_DD26_02.zip 22 MB


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Fell offa my boat and into limbo! Nice sprites, very pretty. Things are a bit tiny though and I'm not real sure what the goal is.