A downloadable game for Windows

A farming RPG set on a flooded world where only islands remain. At least, an early alpha version of it.

I think I have a good little loop down and a little bit of content. Refining a small portion of the game and making sure it's good before actually getting to work on expanding it to a full game, so let me know what you think!

The closest thing to having a main long-term objective at the moment is to pay off your boat loan, which is $10000. Don't worry about not doing that, it doesn't unlock anything.

Your house (shipping crate) has a bed in it. Sleep in it to save your game and advance time. If it's still early in the day, it'll skip to later on, otherwise it'll skip to 6 AM the next day.

If you get stuck somewhere, press F5 to reset to where you last entered it. Shift+F5 also resets the whole game; that's the only way to get back to the main menu at the moment.

Known issues are that water kinda looks weird at the edges of the screen sometimes and there's no way to remove certain things like barrels or crab traps yet. Also the rare teleport when trying to climb a block.


OF-Alpha_DD-27_1.zip 29 MB

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