A downloadable game

A really really really early build of a relaxed farming RPG.

Arrow keys = Move

X = Interact/Pick up/Drop

C = Store held item in inventory/Take out first item in inventory

Z = Use held item

Shift = Sprint/Climb/Leap off

Menus are mouse controlled because jank!

This is super early so there isn't a lot here yet and lots of things are placeholder!!


OceanDemo_Mar-2-2018.zip 2 MB


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There you go fam.

cute but the controls are painful and unintuitive, if that is the case, no matter how good the design or art is, the game will be back. fix the controls and the way you navigate menus. also there are quite a few visual bugs.

good start but it needs a lot of work.

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thanks for the feedback! I agree, the controls are kinda...terrible. I'm getting to work on revamping them, so they're more reliant on WASD/Mouse instead.